Every aspect of our program is designed for students to learn and improve at their own pace. That way, they develop the confidence to try, fail, and learn. No one sits on the bench at InCourage Martial Arts.
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A young athlete practices martial arts at InCourage Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Responsibility, self-discipline, hard work. These are the core values that we teach in our children’s martial arts program.

A young boy starts distance learning school at InCourage

After School

Homework, great exercise, and fun with friends — all of this done by the time they are ready to be picked up in the evening!

A little girl enjoys the outdoors at InCourage summer camp

Summer Camps

Voted among the best in our area, no two days are the same. Join us for field trips, events, activities, and games!

Birthday star celebrates his big day at InCourage with friends.

Birthday Parties

One and a half hour of fun. We do the heavy lifting so that you can really enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday party



My two grand-sons have been going to InCourage Martial Arts in Burke for a few months. I have noticed so much change in their behaviors, and their personalities.  I am very happy for them. Since they  started going to InCourage Martial Arts they have learned to channel all their energy and time in to more valuable and practical ways... like learning Martial Arts. This is a great way for them not be asking for or being glued to too much electronic devices."

Rosa A.
April 2021

"We just started and my son loves it. He has never been in any classes before and the instructors did a great job welcoming him into class. The facility is very clean and the transition in and out of classes is very organized. Talk to the children like they are adults. They speak with positive reinforcement and communicate effectively with the parents."

Kathy W.
April 2021

Our grandson has been attending InCourage in Purcellville for more than a year. I have been thoroughly impressed with the entire staff and the experience they provide to my grandson. When COVID hit they immediately initiated changes to their procedures which allowed them to continue to provide safe, excellent daycare programs throughout the summer. This was crucial to his Mom as she did not have the ability to work remotely and needed to return to work, as did so many. As school approached they converted their gyms to remote classrooms, ensured social distancing, enforced mask wearing and continue to monitor the children daily. When school lessons are completed they roll right into their after school programs. All this demonstrates their commitment to our community and our children and I for one am grateful. They have stepped up to fill a roll that is far outside their wheelhouse and they have done so in an exemplary fashion. I give my strongest recommendation, unreservedly, to InCourage in Purcellville.

Matt B.
December 2020

"My child was a student of Master Wook and his team in the tigers program. We are moving out of the area but I had to write a review which I never do. The tigers program exceeded my expectations and warmed my heart. The curriculum teaches students how to respect themselves, classmates and instructors. They offer a variety of drills and activities that promote excellence in mobility, agility and physical health. Students learn multiple techniques all along with fun music playing in the background. Instructors get to your child’s level to ensure they are performing at their optimal level. I saw my child smile, laugh and compete in a competition for a local charity. Earning his first ever medal! I highly recommend this studio!"

Manuela T.
April 2021

InCourage - Purcellville has been our saving grace since we found it! Our daughter attended their camps all summer and has continued to go when school started as they offer Distance Learning Camps which are amazing. They provide full support to all the children during their school hours additionally they do crafts, play tons of games, watch movies, do martial arts, go to the park etc. - all while practicing social distancing and following all CDC regulations. All the staff are terrific and we are so thankful for them staying open and building a schedule to help us parents and these kids. I highly recommend this place!

Kim M.
December 2020